Ristorante Indian Thali Lugano
After 50 years involved in Mediterranean cuisine, Nibbio restaurant was taken over by Rehmann family
to become the bench mark in Ticino of the real Healthy Indian cuisine: Indian Thali House.

“Live the Experience”

is the symbol of a philosophy connected to a project in which clients
will be fascinated and involved in multiple sensory experiences.


Through an extensive menu of dishes; Thali, Samosa, Pakora, …

Contenitori Thali Indian Thali House


Curious and refined décor richly detailed over to ethnic videos

Suonatori tabla indian thali house


Typical ethnic “chill out” background music throughout the evening


spezie indiane Indian thali house

Sense of smell

The wide variety of spices used gently swelled in the ambient

Bambole indiane Kathputli Indian Thali House


“Reach out and touch” details how the weave of Kathputli dolls, etc.

Danza indiana Indian Thali House

We had dinner there last night...Beautiful restaurant ...We ate divinely ... Staff and owners are very unique and talented!


Great food, awesome service and above all the atmosphere is really impressive. For people with celiac disease there are several vegan dishes, gluten-free variety. Fantasic!!


Nice atmosphere, like being in India. Food nice and really good, friendly and helpful staff.



cucina indiana Indian thali house
Our cuisine is inspired by the whole gastronomic culture of the big Indian area, where spices and its harmonious colours characterize the various typical dishes offered, from Pakora with chickpea flour to Samosa (vegetable or chicken), from classic lentil Soup to the Palak Paneer and more.
We also propose a healthy food approach, where the typical dish Thali (also for vegetarians) becomes the protagonist in ancient Ayurvedic culture, where in one dish we find all what we need in terms of nutritional value to aspire to a healthy life and longevity, the basis of universal food pyramid.
cucina indiana Indian thali house
cucina indiana Indian thali house
cucina indiana Indian thali house

What Can We Say? Great food! Friendly and classy atmosphere! Experienced and fast bar staff !! We will visit it again!

Noemi F.

Unusual and exotic surroundings where you can enjoy food out of the ordinary. I recommend it to all those who love to experiment new things!


Reverted to Indian Thali House with friends for work. Once again I had confirmation of the quality of food and hospitality. I'd recommend it.

Nickolas B


3 types of events

Our Indian Thali House offers various opportunities of entertainment to be enjoyed during dinner.
Our events are:
– Basic Events: we offer typical dance or music or magic show throughout the evening.
– Cultural events: we will propose several occasions of cultural studies, from healthy or ethnic cooking classes, to dance or Indian drums classes.
– Special events: during special occasions such as Valentine’s day, Carnival, Spring exclusive thematic shows will be made, characterized by several shows and entertainment initiatives.
Danza indiana Indian Thali House
Danza indiana Indian Thali House
Ballerina danza indiana Indian Thali House

This is the first time that I eat Indian, enjoyed it very much. We took Thali, which is a mix of everything! Great cinnamon tea. There are also Indian dancers who do show!

Missy S

Kitchen pleasant, clean, friendly, colorful, nice location, affordable price, very kind staff.


The perfect place where you can breathe the pleasure of the Indian tradition and taste different typical and dishes.

Alessandro T


March 2017

We reveal the secret of our dolls

The Kathputli, dolls that dance.
Those who have hanged out our eventrestaurant has definitely noticed many typical details that characterize the location. Among these, dolls of various sizes, colors and expressive elements, each one different from the others.
These are the Kathputli, wooden dolls, which since ancient times are used as “puppets to tell and sometimes invent stories related to the history and social life of the big Indian area, especially when the use of writing was not so common.
Their birth comes from a “fabulousstory, where the gods Shiva and his wife Parvati decided to visit men secretly. Parvati noticed a carpenter who sculpted beautiful dolls for children. So he decided to embody one of them and began to dance. The Carpenter was enchanted by this wonderful dance. But after a while, Parvati got tired and decided to “go out” by the doll and return to his beautiful Palace on Mount Kailash. The carpenter, desperate not to see such a beauty again, decided to pray the gods forever. Parvati noted that strong willpower and decided to ask directly to the carpenter the reason of many prayers and he replied that he wanted to review the doll dance. Parvati said: “Every time you want to see your dolls dance, focus on me and they will dance.”
That was how the men learned to put the wires on the dolls, to make them dance and tell fascinating stories.

Great food...clean...fast and friendly staff!! Good prices. Tip: must try!!!

Angy E A

Inglese Italiano Great Indian restaurant, clean, elegant... With the possibility to enjoy Indian food but also Italians. Must try!

Janira G

Cozy ambience, magical, mysterious at the same time, rich in perfumes details

Barbara T


Riva Paradiso 24 – 6900 Lugano Paradiso / +41 (0)91 994 33 31 / dataparis.sagl@gmail.com / Facebook: @indianthalich

For a different evening, why not try this restaurant out of the ordinary? Must try!!

Enry 74

We tried the place with some friends, beautiful restaurant, very classy ... those who love Indian food cannot miss it!


Great Indian restaurant! Visiting Lugano with some friends we were attracted to this place and we decided to stop her! Pleasantly surprised, great food and super friendly staff! Recommended at 100%.

Silvia G

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